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Please print this Registration Package, fill out all required information scan and email back to [email protected]  with all required documentation.
Required Documentation
  • Signed Registration Form
For Student
  • Birth Certificate or other government issued proof of age
  • BC Care Card or BC Services Card

For Legal Parent (for one parent)
  • BC Care Card or BC Services Card
PLUS one of the following:
  • Provincial Driver's License
  • Documents indicating BC resident (i.e. utility bill)
  • Ownership of a dwelling or long-term lease or
rental of a dwelling
  • A current income tax return filed as a B.C. resident
Qualifying Age
Children born in 2018 are eligible to enter kindergarten in September 2023.
Parents, who feel their child is not yet ready for kindergarten, may defer enrollment for one year. Please contact Allen Beckingham (250-770-7700) at the School Board Office for information on this.
Transfer Information
The window for students requesting transfers from their catchment / current school to another school in School District No. 67 for the September 2023/2024 school year is 8:00am, February 1, 2023 to 4:00pm, April 15, 2023 Transfer requests received prior to February 1 will be date / time stamped as "February 3, 2023, 8:00am" and transfer requests received after April 15 may not be considered until September 2023.
Approvals and denials for September 2023 will be determined at the School Board Office. Decisions could be made as late as the end of the third week of school in September 2023.
Also, registrations for all students outside the boundaries of School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha) who wish to attend a school within School District No. 67 must be forwarded to the School Board Office.